Let’s work together

With a BA degree in Visual Studies I aspire to create beautiful things. And The Erin Edit seemed like the perfect start in developing my very own creative studio with the goal of designing and photographing aesthetically pleasing visuals, and working with YOU in making YOUR brand magical.

Here are some things I do:

Logos and Branding

Vital in defining your brand! I love working with clients in creating beautiful logos which will represent their brands for years.

A logo is an image, text or shape used in representing your company. A brand however, takes on a more holistic perspective of how your customers will experience your company.

Social Media

Making use of the best advertising tools to promote your brand.

Digital Marketing

Advertising your brand through the various digital channels like search engines, websites, social media and email.

Content Creation

The most important element to any social media campaign, and I love being creative with designing content representative of your brand.

Websites and Blogs

Important when thinking of marketing and developing a strong digital presence.


In line with content creation, photography encourages engagement and increases the likelihood of people to act, and is a must for any business.

Because of my love for photography, I also do event photography, whether it be children’s birthday parties or corporate events.

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