A South African ‘Safari’

Growing up and living in South Africa, and being a South African came as a shock to many that before 2019… I have never been on a Safari or visited the Kruger National Park… it just never appealed to me.

However, April this year we took a little holiday to the Kruger National Park over Easter. This trip truly opened my eyes and made me question my reasoning as to why the bush never appealed to me.

National Geographic cannot compare to oneself visiting a game reserve and experiencing the animals in their natural habitat. On our second day in the park, we witnessed a herd of elephants with babies… what National Geographic cannot capture is how one feels in that moment, how a mother will do anything to protect her baby.

Shortly after the Kruger, I visited Ivory Tree Game Lodge and Shepherds Tree Game Lodge in the Pilanesberg. Although it cannot compare to the sheer size of the Kruger National Park, it is closer to Johannesburg and is just as great.

In the Kruger National Park, we did a self drive through the park, which was nice. However, when I visited Ivory Tree and Shepherds Tree Game Lodge, you have two game drives with a game ranger twice a day, which I highly recommend! The Game ranger will explain everything to you, things that you perhaps already know about the animals, or things you had no clue about, such as how many prides of lions are in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve.

If you are interested in visiting South Africa, or wanting to experience a safari … I would highly recommend visiting the Pilanesberg Game Reserve or the Kruger National Park. Its beauty and sheer bliss has officially made me a lover of the bush and its animals.

I would love to know if you are a fellow South African who has also never been to the Kruger Park, or who has and absolutely loves it. Or if you aren’t from South Africa and you have been, or if you are thinking about visiting.

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