How to treat yourself

Feeling a bit down in the dumps? Need a pick me up?

The best pick me up is self care. I know that when my hair is dry or damaged, eyebrow hairs are unruly, nails are looking a bit worse for wear and my diet has been maintained, then I tend to feel down in the dumps.

Here are my best tips for a pick me up.


No. 1

LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER! I know, I know, everyone goes on about drinking lots of water. But honestly, drinking lots of water does help. You feel more healthy (mentally and internally). Your skin will thank you for it.


No. 2

Soak and exfoliate. If you’re a bath person, run yourself a hot bubble bath and exfoliate. Or if you’re a shower person, then exfoliate, wash your hair and put a hair mask on.


Now lets talk masks! Face masks, hair masks… I love them all. My favourite face masks are one with radiance boosting and hydrating effects. Origins, Clarins, and Kokostar have great varieties for any skin type, and skin need. Take the time and mask… both hair and face masks.


Peppermint tea! Peppermint tea, a hug in a mug. It is detoxifying, soothing and awakening. That’s my ultimate feel good drink, internally (and perhaps just mentally). Or hot chocolate, or a glass of champagne… whatever makes you feel your best, the most relaxed, and content.


After you’ve pampered and treated yourself, read a good book or binge watch your favorite TV show or film trilogy. I’ve currently been loving YOU, the Assassination of Gianni Versace, and rewatching an oldie – Gossip Girl. What have you been loving recently? And how do you treat yourself when you’ve been feeling in the dumps?

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