Autumnal Skin Care

Since Autumn has now approached us and the weather has become more temperamental and drier, I feel the need to hydrate my skin as much as possible.

So far, i’ve been loving Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost range. The water gel and cleansing gel boost your skin’s hydration without your skin feeling oily. Since the end of 2017 I scrapped all my skincare and decided to use all natural and vegan skincare, however my skin disagreed with all the natural oils. Even though my skin felt and looked hydrated, I started to break out, and no matter how much water I drank, the breakouts remained.

Because of all this, I was on the hunt for skincare that pumped hydration back into my skin, whilst not being too rich, and Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost range delivered just that.

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Another hydration product I’ve been loving is Clinique’s facial spray from their moisture surge range. I spritz this on before and during makeup application. It helps plump my skin and cool it down. It is great during the summer months too, especially after you’ve been in the sun all day.

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Now, because of all the breakouts I was having, I became aware of the benefits of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is suitable for blemished skin and is designed to remove the impurities. I purchased Clicks’ own brand’s purifying nose strips with tea tree oil and the Body Shop’s tea tree oil.

Body Shop’s tea tree oil is pure tea tree, so a little bit goes a long way, and it works by drying the blemish out. All I do is dip an ear bud in the oil and spot treat any blemishes I may have, go to sleep with it on and when I wake up in the morning the spot is half its size. These two products have been my ‘ultimate spot banishing’ solutions lately.

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My favorite in shower body care product, is The Body Shop’s wild argan oil shower gel, and it simply smells amazing. After showering, I like to use Skin Creamery’s The Everyday Cream. It has extracts of coconut, jojoba and baobab oil which smells incredible. It is completely organic, natural and vegan. Skin Creamery is a South African skin care brand and their products are worth taking a look at.

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