Hiking in the Drakensberg

I have only been to the Drakensberg once, and that was definitely not enough time to experience the beautiful scenery and the great hiking it has to offer. We took a road trip down to Umhlanga recently and stopped over in the Drakensberg for a few days.

We headed out to The Drakensberg Sun for the day, where you can choose which hike to do according to your preferences and fitness levels. We chose the 10 kilometer forest hike amongst the mountains. IMG_8428

We packed backpacks with picnic food and cameras and embarked on our short hike for the day.

The trail was sheltered with canopies of trees amongst the forest. It had narrow paths with gorgeous views. We stumbled upon fountain upon fountain every two kilometers, crossed rivers, and took in all nature had to offer.



We explored several waterfalls with hidden caves on which we had carved our names. Finally we found a river and waterfall which was nestled within a cave. We reached the waterfall by the time we were dying to jump into a cold pool to cool down and relax. We jumped off the rocks into the water, which to my surprise was extremely cold, freezing in fact, and deep, almost bottomless.

Unfortunately we only went on one hike, and the next time I visit the Drakensberg, I plan on doing the exact same one at the Drakensberg Sun and hopefully explore one of their other hikes that they have to offer to discover more hidden gems.






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